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Coaching and Mentoring

As a coach, Lea will partner side by side with her clients to help them to rediscover their own brilliance, proactively making the change to get out of their comfort zone. Take control of their well-planned decisions to change their destinies.  


Create your own opportunities to achieve

personal, professional, and business goals 

Praises from Past Clients


Lea is an exceptional Coach! Not only is she a good listener, and she also made me feel comfortable and safe, allowing me the chance to express my feelings. Additionally, her guidance was spot on as she too had experienced a similar issue allowing for resources I can use in the future. I find her coaching to be beneficial in many ways and would certainly recommend her services.

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Lea helped me to reflect on my process, to step back from it in order to see the bigger picture of what I am doing and how I am helping others. Her questions allowed me to think about what I do naturally, in order to drill down as I am figuring out how to articulate my brand. I left the conversation feeling energized and excited about my next steps.

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Lea gave me great support in beginning my practice as a Holistic Life Coach. I was able to explore my self-care and healthy habits creating time and power to be present. She helped me be clear about what my next steps are. I enjoyed my session and felt at the end a bit lighter and defined! Great direction and I would recommend Lea for support in business goals.

Merril Boruchin-Spielman


 Testimonials for Lea

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