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I Did Not Miss the Boat- Memoir of a Vietnam Hoa Refugee

"I Did Not Miss the Boat" is the coming-of-age story of an adolescent girl who struggled to help her family’s assimilation into a new country while searching for her own identity. From surviving the vast South China Seas, pirate raids, and uninhabited Indonesian islands to surviving high school and family life, Lea Tran did not experience a typical American upbringing."

 Reviews on Amazon

"As a public library director, I am always looking for quality books that expose us to diversity. This book was really well written and the story pace will hold your attention. I invited the author to give a virtual presentation for our community. She did a wonderful job and received many kudos on our Facebook page. I strongly recommend this book and the author as a presenter." - Tanya Misselt

Lea Tran writes a book that every high school student should read, perhaps as a group, and then follow the reading with discussion. I think every American should read it. I was fascinated with her story from page one. It is definitely a story that needed to be told. - V. Tenney 


Anthology Book- The Top 25 Change Makers: How Florida Entrepreneur Thrived During Challenging Times.

In March of 2020, a global pandemic was declared. People from all over the world immediately had to adjust their new sense of “normal,” and none more so than business owners. Staying open and effective during this time proved to be challenging for even the most stalwart entrepreneur. Then, the shifts in thinking started happening. Outside of the box thinking became the “next normal.”

The Top 25 Change Makers share their stories of failures and triumphs to empower and inspire other entrepreneurs to be the change.

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