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"I Did Not Miss the Boat" is the coming of age story of an adolescent girl who struggled to help her family’s assimilation into a new country while searching for her own identity. From surviving the vast South China Seas, pirate raids, and uninhabited Indonesian islands to surviving high school and family life, Lea Tran did not experience a typical American upbringing.

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"Lea brings the experience to life with small details that help us understand how difficult the refugee passage is, both in getting to the United States and in finding a place here.... Read more

"As a public library director, I am always looking for quality books that expose us to diversity. This book was really well written and the story pace will hold your attention. I invited the author to give a virtual presentation for our community. She did a wonderful job and received many kudos on our Facebook page. I strongly recommend this book and the author as a presenter."

"Lea Tran's writing was so descriptive, I could picture myself at the camps with her and her family. I didn't realize how little we knew of the Vietnam refugees. This book was a real page-turner, a really good read, and a great history lesson."

"Lea Tran's book, I Did Not Miss the Boat, tells the amazing story of a family facing the Communists....... This book tells the often forgotten story of refugee life in an easy to imagine voice. This story reminds us to be thankful for a safe and sound home and awaken us all to the plight of refugees around the world presently."

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