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As a speaker, Lea inspires, transforms, empowers her audience with her vibrant energy, and captivating messages. They will walk away with memorable stories and action items to implement and make an immediate change. 

Whom does Lea work with?

Event Planners | Women Conferences | 

Women Associations | Women's Clubs |

Non-Profit Organizations |  Corporate Training |  Diversity & Inclusion |

Workshops & Breakout Sessions


Nina Martin


Ramdeo Seepaul


Lea Tran has lived a life of experiences that most people will only read in a book or see in a movie. Lea has an inspiring story of resilience, triumph, and a struggle for authenticity. She has persevered and has a beautiful delivery of empowering others to NOT "Miss their boat". Lea does not disappoint in her delivery and message of inspiration and encouragement


Lea has a gift for capturing the attention of her audience and helping them believe they are capable of anything. Hearing her speak the other day was a gift and a pleasure.

Sheyenne Kreamer


I have had the privilege of hearing Lea present her compelling story. She is a captivating speaker who delivers a message of empowerment for all audiences. Her book is a heroic story of triumph over fear and achieving the American dream against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Simply put, Lea Inspires!

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Why Me?

 I have a compelling story, passionate energy to

 bring the message of hope, diversity, and overcoming trauma to move your audience.


My mission is to inspire them to optimize their growth potential through the action of change.

My personal hardship from Vietnam to America has taught

me not only to survive through all the unpredictable

changes but to also rise above limitations to

look for the opportunity to thrive. 

     Now, I am taking my story, my message, and my passion to make a difference and to impact more lives.

I would love to have an opportunity to chat with you to see how can I serve your audience.

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