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Able to Get Off the Sidelines is a Blessing

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I used to be the person who sat contemplating life on the sidelines. Worrying that people would judge me for speaking my voice, living my truth. I wonder how many of us out there are going through the same feelings as I did.

What if I told you that it's never too late to live the life you have envisioned for yourself? Would you believe me? Well, You have to try it to believe it.

When I decided to step off the sidelines and write my book, I went from rut dwelling to risk-taking, and it caused massive anxiety, knowing I had to step into a place of rawness and vulnerability. However, those are the moments of living my authentic truth. The focus of helping others to find hope and strength through my story makes my narrative change. My perspective shifted. I became free!

It has been a rewarding year since my memoir was published.

I have connected to people near and far across the globe. We exchange stories, laughter, and lots of tears. We encourage each other to get off the sidelines to live the free life that we deserve.

November is a month of gratitude. I want to take this chance to thank YOU, my family, my readers, and my community for your constant support. I am grateful for many opportunities to speak, give presentations, and be interviewed in the United States and abroad.

Below are a few of my activities in October:

A South China Morning Post article was in printed newspapers in Hong Kong and online in Singapore.

I got to give a virtual presentation at the Verona Senior Center in Wisconsin.

A speaking and book signing opportunity in October at Grace Church for their Re-Opening Community Event in Tampa

An interview article with Formidable Woman Magazine.

I believe the message of gratitude and hope are so needed now more than ever!

Freedom of the mind takes effort, time and can often be uncomfortable. But I am in a much better place versus living in a position of conformity and fear.

Many people told me my book had inspired them to tell their stories and live their truth. I am honored that my story and my coaching were able to help them off their sidelines, as many other inspiring stories got me off mine.

As I continued to get off the sidelines, I stumbled upon a non-profit organization called "Refugee Film School" founded by Jana Stanfield. Her mission is to help refugee students in Malaysia be free of incompetence by obtaining graphic and video editing skills to earn a living to support their families. Like I was helping my mom make a living when I was in the refugee camp when I was sixteen many decades ago.

We aim to raise funds to buy twenty used computers for these students by year-end. In the spirit of giving, I humbly ask for your donations. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your generosity

Here is the link for the donation.

2021 is concluding in less than two months. What will you do to get off your sidelines to have a more fulfilling life next year?

Perhaps I can help. 🙂 Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

If you know any book clubs, high schools, colleges, or libraries that want to enjoy a historical non-fiction piece, "I Did Not Miss the Boat- Memoir of a Vietnam Hoa Refugee" would be an excellent suggestion. It would also make an outstanding gift for the coming holidays. (Ordered by December 15 through my website Books will be signed, wrapped, and delivered to your loved ones directly from me.)

If you know any organizations or companies that need an inspirational speaker to deliver the message of love, resilience, and hope in person or virtual, I would love to have an introduction from you.

My gratitude and love to you and yours for a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

For more information on what I do and who I serve, Visit

Watch Lea's TEDx Talk:

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