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Have You Achieved Your Mid-Year Goal?

On Dec 14, 2020. I set out a goal for completing the Radiant Coaching Academy certificate by May 5th, 2021. It didn't happen! I was two weeks off -target but stoked to say that I did it! Yay!!!

on May 21, 2021, I graduated from the Radiant Coaching Academy (an International Coaching Federation accredited program) to be a certified Holistic Transformation Coach. For the past six months, I studied twelve modules of video training, attended over 95 live coaching sessions through Zoom (although this certificate only required 65 hours), read several books, did a number of exercises, wrote a chapter, took a test, did 20 hours of practicum coaching (with paid clients and pro bono clients). I made friends, shared our experiences, and learned from a community of over 600 coaches from all over the world. It was absolutely a blessing journey! Last year, because I opened my arms to the universe, I met Jana Stanfield, founder of Refugee Film School, a non- profit organization helps training and guiding refugee students in Malaysia to make a living supporting their families. I became their volunteer, mentor and board member. Jana had led me to Dez Stephen, the founder and head coach of Radiant Coaching Academy, and the rest is history! The point here is, you never know know what will follow the action you take to make life move forward. You just have to start something for something else to happen. I understand COVID-19 was and is still devastating to many of us, more often the confinement of the mind is more deadly than the physical limitation. I hope you do not let the pandemic cripple you on what we CAN control. I encourage you to look closely at the things that you can create during this time in order to achieve your goal by the end of this year. I would like to share with you ten essential keys that helps me crossed many oceans in my life. I hope they will be helpful to you too!

  1. You have the power to change anything in your life. You are the hero of your own journey. Believe in yourself. Your circumstances should not be your handicap unless you let it be.

  2. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Take action to change!

  3. Acknowledge your assets, (beware of your flaws, your weakness but do not focus on them.) Focus on what you have that will inch you forward.

  4. Work hard (how hungry are you?-Les Brown) how eager are you for success? Are you willing to go the extra miles?

  5. Invest in yourself- knowledge is your best investment

  6. Stay away from negative vibes or people. You can love them from a distance if they are pulling you down.

  7. Form your own crew. Find your shipmates, ones who can help you row and grow together.

  8. Positive affirmation. Work on lifting your self and others everyday.

  9. Be content with what you have. You are enough! Gratitude, grateful and thankful.

  10. Be a teacher, mentor someone. To get is to give. To learn is to teach. Make an impact by paying forward.

This is a perfect time to plan for the second half of the year. Whether for health, financial, relationship, personal or professional growth, just knowing you have all the answers inside you waiting to be discovered. Don't miss out!!! This is a good time to evaluate your January goals and plans. Are you halfway there yet? It's not too late to plan for the second half of the year!

Let's celebrate your successful journey in Dec 2021? Shall we?

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