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Our 2023 Metamorphosis Journey

Happy belated New Year (early Chinese New Year!)

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. It's been a year since my last blog, and for that, I apologize. Life has a way of transforming us, and I'm no exception. Here I am in 2024, continuing to evolve and wholeheartedly living through my own metamorphosis.

The day my life changed forever.

2023 was a whirlwind of challenges and triumphs, stirring a mix of emotions within me. Today, I want to share a personal story that has profoundly reshaped my outlook on life and the devastating impact an emergency can have on our family, mental health, and finances.

Did you know that every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke? I was oblivious to this fact until my husband, Duc, became one of those statistics. Last February, on his birthday, a day meant for celebration, Duc suffered a stroke. This life-altering ordeal not only plunged us into fear and uncertainty but also reawakened the PTSD of losing my father to the same silent killer many decades ago.

During Duc's recovery, I battled anxiety and insomnia, withdrawing from the world to focus on our well-being. I paused my budding speaking and coaching career, overwhelmed by the unpredictability of our situation.

Following a month-long hospital stay and numerous months of rigorous physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and other treatments to retrain and reconnect with the muscles on his left side, we experienced a miraculous moment. Duc's recovery, aided by the dedicated Orlando Regional Medical Center team, emerged as a beacon of hope for us. We are immensely thankful for this remarkable turnaround. After four challenging months, Duc regained the ability to drive, marking a significant milestone in his ongoing recovery journey.

For years, Duc had resisted life insurance; he always told me, "We didn't need it!" I agreed because I thought there was no need to pay extra hundreds monthly for something that was a far distance to death. Duc was healthy and active, and we lived a low-stress life. But his stroke blindsided us, leaving me to defend and care for him. I realized the critical importance of being financially prepared for emergencies when you are healthy because the cost of being unprepared can be detrimental when you are not.

Fortunately, we are blessed to have the support from our son, our siblings, family, and friends like you, who were our lifeline during this difficult time. Your encouragement was invaluable as we navigated ourselves out of the darkness.

This experience illuminated my ignorance about why we did not think about protecting our

income and our life savings in the event of a catastrophic crisis like this? It shed light on how much I did not know what I did not know. I thought life insurance only had death benefits when one passes. I was unaware of the living benefit factors in a life policy until I researched to buy a policy for myself. An urgent shift of mind to how important it is for me to be protected, God forbid if I too fall into this health crisis. The last thing we need is to burden our son with mental anguish and financial debts.

Many women I know are in similar situations and are also unclear about their life insurance needs. This awakening led both Duc and me to become life-licensed agents with a focus on educating others. I often think about how my story and experiences could help someone avoid this same tunnel of darknessI learned that planning for the unexpected is not just a choice but a necessity.

No one is immune to life's uncertainties, regardless of age, gender, or background.

I urge you not to let this become your story.

I didn't choose to be a life agent out of love for life insurance; it took an emergency crisis to force me to understand its importance.

Now, I'm committed to demystifying it. My mission is to change minds and help people prepare and defend themselves for life's disruptions. We are blessed to have a second chance to be educated.

My objective for 2024 is to connect with and positively influence thousands through my story. Your involvement is essential in our quest to empower individuals to protect their income, pay off mortgages, create funds for college education, and plan effectively for retirement. If you're seeking guidance on securing the best insurance options for these vital life goals or want to advocate for informed financial planning, our team is ready to provide the support and expertise you need. Our assistance extends nationwide, across all fifty states. Please don't hesitate to share our contact information and join us for an informative Zoom call or one of our upcoming workshops. Together, we can make a significant difference.

On a brighter note, in September, a new chapter began. I was featured on the cover of She Exist Magazine, celebrated at the Ron Dyce Fashion Show in Brooklyn, and on a Times Square billboard. This milestone reinforced my mission to educate others on the value of life. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that financial worries are one less burden in times of crisis, allowing you to focus on caring for and recovering with loved ones.

Here's to a healthy and happy 2024. Start the conversation about protection with your family. Remember, life is fragile. Acting early can protect your financial future.

"Prepare to protect your life now so you don't have to repair it later."

With love, hope, and a renewed sense of urgency,

Lea & Duc Tran

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