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 Contributed author. Book will be autographed and sent by the author after launch date on March 26, 2021


In March of 2020, a global pandemic was declared. People from all over the world immediately had to adjust their new sense of “normal,” and none more so than business owners. Staying open and effective during this time proved to be challenging for even the most stalwart entrepreneur. Then, the shifts in thinking started happening. Outside of the box thinking became the “next normal.”

Andre Hampton, together with twenty-five other forward-thinking Florida entrepreneurs, have proven to themselves and their clients that not only could they overcome the challenges to their businesses during a national emergency, but that they could pivot well during one of the biggest struggles they’ve ever faced.


The Top 25 ChangeMakers shares their stories of failures and triumphs to empower and inspire other entrepreneurs to be the change.


Preorder available Price: $19.99 - Launch on March 26, 2021

Top 25 Change Makers- How Florida Entrepreneurs Thrived During Challenging Times

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