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Inspire Actions with Life-Changing Stories

Ron Parpart

Changing the world with her words!

Lea's storytelling will pull your audience into an adventure they'll never forget. Leading them down

roads they've never traveled.

Telling them stories they'll be excited to share.

And providing lessons that speak directly to their hearts.

Upgrade your event by booking Lea today.

Inspire your audience with these powerful messages!

Discover the Benefits of Sharing Legacy Stories

Storytelling is an instrumental tool for building your legacy and passing it on to the next generation.  It preserves cultural and historical knowledge, instills values and ethics, fosters emotional connections, and encourages creativity and imagination. By engaging in storytelling, you can ensure that your legacy endures and continues to shape future generations.

Storytelling Drives Success and Connection in Business

Storytelling is critical because it helps you effectively communicate, connect with potential and existing clients, differentiate your brand, persuade and influence, create memorability, and inspire action. It adds depth and personality to your business, company, or profession, making it more relatable and impactful.

Sharing Your Idea with a Poignant Story on the TEDx Stage.

TEDx empowers speakers to reach a global audience and potentially transform their life's path. By sharing your idea and story, you unlock speaking opportunities, leave a lasting impact, connect with influential individuals and organizations, ignite movements, grow personally and professionally, and inspire others to share their own narratives.


John Morrow

"Lea is becoming one of the most gifted and inspired speakers you will ever
listen to..."