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Inspire Actions with Life-Changing Stories

Ron Parpart

Changing the world with her words!

Lea's storytelling will pull your audience into an adventure they'll never forget. Leading them down

roads they've never traveled.

Telling them stories they'll be excited to share.

And providing lessons that speak directly to their hearts.

Upgrade your event by booking Lea today.

Inspire your audience with these powerful messages!

Don't Miss Your Boat, Build it!

Never miss out on an opportunity to grow, to thrive in difficult, unpredictable times.

Learn how to take calculated risks and how to be bold without being reckless.

Stop Fighting Yourself!

Sometimes fighting life is easier than fighting yourself. Achievements in life do not necessarily provide you peace and happiness unless you can value your worth. I'll help you face your toughest opponent in life ...... YOU!

Rock the Big Boat!

Getting out of the comfort zone is the beginning of the boat rocking process. Stop playing small if you want to win big. 

To make a bigger impact, you need to rock a bigger boat!

I'll show you how.


John Morrow

"Lea is becoming one of the most gifted and inspired speakers you will ever
listen to..."