Whatever it is, your story can make all the difference.

“I Did Not Miss

The Boat”

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Meet Lea Tran 

Everyone has a story, a voice. My voice resonates through how “I Did Not Miss the Boat”, the refugee boat that granted me the physical freedom. But it was up to me to heal that broken spirit.

I came from a war-torn country, a family in turmoil. Whatever did not kill me, definitely DID NOT make me stronger, not for the longest time. But I did overcome fear by embracing change and by taking small courageous actions. Getting out of my comfort zone has helped me successfully turn my life around.

Taking a leaf from my life stories and experiences, I want to share with you the keys of self-discovery to help empower yourself to cope with change and to find the happiness you deserve. Together, we will uncover the infinite potential locked deep within us to live a purposeful, meaningful life. "Don't miss YOUR boat of having an abundant life, embrace change!"


As a speaker, Lea will inspire, transform, empower her audience NOT to miss their boat of opportunity to embrace changes, to re-invent themselves in order to fulfill the purpose of their life’s journey.

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"I remember she would tell that story that 10 years later is a TEDx talk"

Edna Valentino

TEDx Speaker

TEDx Riverton

“Explore that journey with Lea, you won't regret it”

“She has such a positive outlook and relatable tale that is universal to anyone"

Jennifer Lynn Robinson

Esquire CEO



"I would highly recommend Lea Tran to speak at one of your engagements"

Regina Cruz-Morales

Cruz Clermont Homes

The Cruz Team at Keller Williams Elite Partner III Realty

“Lea is very inspirational and motivational”

Sherry Olszanski

Executive Director LifeStream Foundation 


“Lea thank you so much from the bottom of my heart"

Katie Kupstas


Inventors club worldwide

"I would highly reccomend Lea Tran to speak at one of your engaments"

Timony Brian Totten

TEDx Organizer


"You are an amazing teacher and speaker at Femcity"

Violette de Ayala

Femcity Founder


"I am looking forward for her to finish her memoir, so I can bring her back on"

Joe Carlisle

The host of Joe Knows South Lake


Don't miss the boat of opportunity to re-invent yourself to find happiness.

Upcoming Memoir -

"I Did Not Miss the Boat- Memoir of A Vietnam Hoa Refugee

A Tale of Triumph
Through her vivid accounts of harrowing times, drastically opposite environments, and unparalleled determination, Lea Tran’s inspiring journey from oppressive communism to self-liberation will captivate and educate any nonfiction fan.


Stay in touch.

Phone Number: 610-416-1946    /     Email: lekhanhtran@gmail.com    

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