Lea Tran

Transformation Coach
Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker
Author of "I Did Not Miss the Boat"

Working with people and organizations to:

Bridge the Culture Gaps

Take the Calculated Risks

Speak Your Voice

Live Your Worth

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“Lea helped me to reflect on my process, to step back from it in order to see the bigger picture of what I am doing and how I am helping others. Her questions allowed me to think about what I do naturally, in order to drill down as I am figuring out how to articulate my brand. I left the conversation feeling energized and excited about my next steps.” – S.W.  of PA


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A little Bit About Lea and Her Story

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Are you ready to break away from trauma —

your own or inherited?  
Is it time to get out of your comfort zone?

And make the changes to truly live your life?

 Lea Tran works with organizations and individuals to proactively make the necessary changes to find their voice and live their truth. When people dare to reclaim and explore their potentials, they create and attract opportunities to fulfill their lives further, personally and professionally.

"I believe that no matter how tough your life seems or how dire the situation is, trust that you can always navigate yourself to the other side of the shore."



Book Lea for :
- Keynote speaking
- Workshop/ Breakout sessions
- Business/Career/personal coaching
- Master Class: monthly membership for business and personal developments


"May you never miss the boat of happiness in your life!"

About Lea

Lea Tran is an ethnic Chinese, former "Boat person" refugee from Vietnam. A Villanova University graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, a female scientist, turned successful entrepreneur and business owner in the

Greater Philadelphia Region, where she called

home for thirty-five years.

Lea had brought her story to the TEDx stage and then revealed her harrowing boat journey in her first book,

"I Did Not Miss the Boat- Memoir of a Vietnam Hoa Refugee."  She delivers her powerful message of courage and hope during challenging times in her keynote speeches to inspire her audience to find opportunities in the midst of adversity. She has broken more than one glass ceiling and continues to do so with the God-given privilege of being an American citizen.

From having the "refugee" stigma, Lea morphed to a chemist who synthesized the compound that became a cocktail drug to treat HIV-AIDS in 1998. A successful creative business owner who created luxury

custom drapery for countless homes in the Greater Philadelphia area from 2005-2015. 

Extracting from her multi-faceted cultural and life experiences, Lea motivates her audience to bridge the gaps of cultural differences, to take action to break the mold of generational sufferings, and to create 

their own opportunity to thrive.

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“Lea’s direct, intuitive and compassionate coaching helped me get clear about my story in 30 minutes! As a creative with a million ideas, coaching sessions with Lea grounds me and keeps me focused on one

goal at a time.”  - L.D. NewYork


"I remember she would tell that story that 10 years later is a TEDx talk"

Edna Valentino

TEDx Speaker

TEDx Riverton

“Explore that journey with Lea, you won't regret it”

“She has such a positive outlook and relatable tale that is universal to anyone"

Jennifer Lynn Robinson

Esquire CEO


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