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My Story

My life took an unexpected turn last year when my healthy husband suffered a stroke, threatening our financial stability. This harrowing experience highlighted the fragility of our preparedness and the critical need for protective life policies. Like many, I had placed life insurance low on my priority list, underestimating its importance and overestimating the complexity and cost.

My name is Lea Tran, a former "Boat People" refugee who has navigated the journey from scientist and entrepreneur to speaker and story coach. My memoir, "I Did Not Miss the Boat," narrates our daring escape from Vietnam and the adversities my family and I overcame to build a successful life in America. Today, I stand dedicated to inspiring others, focusing on personal growth, mental health, and financial well-being.


Driven by a profound calling, I embarked on a mission to discover the best life insurance coverage for myself and my family. My search led me to the Living Benefits policy from National Life Group, a product I recognized as unparalleled in the market. This policy allows one to accelerate benefits while alive and in financial need, revealing that life insurance is not solely for death benefits. This discovery was not just about securing my own future but also about sharing my knowledge to benefit others in similar situations.


Fueled by passion rather than choice, this journey aims to prepare women for life's "what ifs." Now, as a life insurance agent, I am on a heartfelt mission to empower women to navigate financial challenges during unexpected health crises.

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Recently, I made a significant impact by assisting a client to restructure her daughter's policy to a 20-year payment plan instead of lifetime payments, saving her $40,000 in premiums while maintaining full protection. 

This achievement not only reaffirms my mission but also highlights my dedication to my clients. As your trusted advisor, I'm committed to guiding you toward securing your future with living benefits, which will provide a crucial lifeline for you and your loved ones when it matters most.

Contact me with any questions regarding your current policy or to take action to strategize a brand-new protection plan for you and your family.

Let's secure the peace of mind that comes from protecting yourself and your loved ones. Together, we can ensure that when life does throw you a curveball, you'll have more than just a fighting chance—you'll be fully protected.

 A graduate of Villanova University, Lea began her career as an organic chemist at Wyeth and Merck Pharmaceutical companies for 17 years, where she held patents on various drug discoveries. Before moving to Florida with her husband in 2015, Lea owned and operated Distinctive Designs, a successful high-end window drapery business in PA, for ten years.

As the speaker and coach, Lea has inspired countless people to take action toward change with her survival story and frameworks. She is now making a bigger impact with her wealth protection message.


Tim Totten 
TEDx Eustis Organizer

Edna Valentina-
TEDx Speaker, Mindset Coach

Praises from People who worked with Lea

As part of my job, I am always looking for resources for our Diversity & Inclusion programs.

Ms. Tran’s presentation was such an inspiration to many of us. Her presentation inspired some of my audience to share their life journey for the first time and even seek mentorship to write their story.  Without a doubt, I will love to have her again, not only for AAPI month but for many other events and workshops.

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As a speaker, Lea Tran inspires you through her journey from harrowing to heroine. As a coach, she takes you on your own hero journey so you can learn to overcome your circumstances whatever they may be with grace and courage. And become not a mere survivor but a thriver! I'm so grateful for Lea's "boat people" journey so she can be a beacon of light in other people's lives and guide them safely on the shore of success and freedom!

Laure Carter

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Lea is a top-notch professional with one of the most vibrant personalities I've ever seen. She's not only great at what she does, but she is also a sensational networker. Her leadership qualities are amongst the many reasons we invited Lea to be on our board of advisors.

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