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The video production above was done by one of our   Refugee Film School students.   
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Lea is charming, well traveled, intelligent and deeply introspective about life and the challenges faced in the journey to growth and self-fulfillment. I had the pleasure of being hosted on her show and we had a stimulating and meaningful conversation around life, immigration, rolling with the punches and finding our place in the world. I strongly recommend her as a speaker and coach for anyone looking to see themselves and the world in a different light, and to be inspired on a moment to moment basis!

Lea is an amazing and compassionate host, speaker, and interviewer.

She has a way of making one feel very comfortable and valued.

I thoroughly enjoyed being on Lea’s show!

Sonia Magruder

It has been my privilege to know Lea Tran. We met through a mutual online event and connected over TEDx and her book, "I Did Not Miss The Boat". We have since continued our relationship through her Vodcast, "A Thriving Conversation". Lea is a gracious, warm host and humanitarian. In everything she does, she puts her heart and soul into it. She's generous, kind, and wise. In business, she's dedicated and incredibly hard-working. I highly recommend her services and expertise.

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