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"Family Roots"- A Mother and Son Podcast Debut.

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

When I published my memoir "I Did Not Miss the Boat" on Labor day of 2020, my hope was to share my reflections on my experience as a refugee to encourage people to let go of their past trauma; to take charge of their lives, and move on by not missing opportunities in the midst of adversity.

In my wildest dreams, I did not imagine my son would want to do a podcast with me to continue the conversations after he read my book. I was elated by his interest in the history of his great-grandparents fleeing from China to Vietnam, and his grandparents fleeing from Vietnam to America.

With much joy and pride, my son and I are announcing the debut of our podcast "Family Roots" in April 2021. New episodes will be released every second and fourth Wednesday on Anchor, which are also featured on Spotify, Radio Public, Pocket Casts.

You can also watch the interview on my YouTube channel here

Our podcast was also launched with the intention of helping people to open the door of communication within their families. We hope to inspire others to learn more about their family backgrounds, cultures and roots that shaped them into who they are or who they want to become. It's an important conversation to have with parents, siblings, children, and your loved ones that crosses barriers of multicultural upbringings, and helps let go of inherited trauma. .

The interview was totally based on my personal viewpoints and it does not represent the culture as a whole. I only share what I knew from my experiences, upbringing, and what I learned from my parents.

If you enjoy the conversation, please share this with anyone you think could benefit from them. We appreciate your comment, like and your support.

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