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Holiday Wishes from the Tran Family!

Happy Holidays!!! Our family had a chance to be with each other in November for Thanksgiving at my sister's house in NJ. We took the opportunity to celebrate all the milestone birthdays and squeezed in the extra love for each other since we could not be together for Christmas break.

Thanks to my sister, Amy, who provided the PJs for this festive look and effect. We had a fantastic time celebrating Christmas a month early. Anytime we can get together is a good enough reason to celebrate. We hope you had plenty of chances to be with your family in the past year and moving forward. 💖💚💙

May the holiday season brings you love, joy, and peace.

May the new year adds sparks to your life, and they will bring light and brightness to the rest of 2023!

We are planning many exciting things that will take place in 2023. I have multiple podcast interviews and presentations that I will list on the event page on my website (in progress. Please come to my website for more updates.) I will also be out to speak more in-person events. I would love an introduction if you know any organizations or companies that are looking for inspirational speakers with compelling life lesson stories. I am available for keynotes, workshops, radio, Tv, and podcast interviews. My message is to encourage people to be brave to live a free life with purpose. Don't miss the boat to do great things!!! Please share the e-newsletter if it resonates with you.

Find out more info at Below are a few of my upcoming events.

January 3, to honor the anniversary of my free life in America, I will be interviewed on Tribe of Leaders with Emi Kirschner

January 11, 2023 Author presentation at the Front Porch Book Club at Minneola Schoolhouse Library.

January 13, 2023. Story Time at Flag Coffee Corner in Historic Downtown Clermont. This is a monthly event to connect people and build community through story-sharing.

January 18, 2023, I am speaking at the Florida Public Relations Association Lake County Chapter.

January 19, 2023, I will give the author presentation and book signing at the Cooper Memorial Library.

January 26, 2023 Interview at Her Version Podcast with Sabrina Victoria

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